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June 12th 2022 at the Ho's

Thank you Carol and Thanh for hosting the event. Their place was perfect for this event, and they did an amazing job. Thank you Tina for doing all the upfront coordination. While I’m at it, thanks Tom for bringing your wine and participating in the big taste off. We can thank Jan West for all the photos that you see below. (Jan West Art & Photography Email:


Twenty-eight folks attended our gathering and 19 participated in the tasting evaluation. Even those of you that were not present for the tasting you might be interested in hearing (reading) about the tasting.


We had three red wines of different vintages and varietal grapes. One wine was a moderately “high-end” New Mexico wine, one wine was made by Tom Dixon from grapes from his vineyard, and the other wine was made from a kit by Wendy and Bob Dolci. The wine bottles were covered to conceal which wine was which. Each wine was evaluated by each participant using a modified wine rating scale. The intent was to see how many folks could determine which was the New Mexico Winery wine. Nine of the participants picked the winery wine and ten did not. Five of the ten participants selected the kit wine and the other five selected Tom’s wine. What does that mean? Heck, I don’t know. Probably nothing. But it was fun.


The winery wine was from Noisy Water Winery. It was a 2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. It sells from $45 to $67 per bottle. Tom’s wine was a blend of four different grapes. He told us but I did not write it down. My bad. The kit wine was made from an Amarone grape juice concentrate. By the way, I did not participate in the tasting evaluation as I knew which wine was in each bag. 

As usual, the tasting was followed by a great potluck meal.


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