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In April 2018, we our group did a taste comparison between the wine we made and bottled with three other wines. The intent was to determine the variety of grapes that we used in the making of our wine.

The tasting and comparison was led by our wine expert Jack Kerr. Three different variety of wines were used to compare and contrast with Diablo Rojo, the red table wine that we made and bottled. The three wines we compared the Diablo Rojo with were:

  1. Campo Viejo "Rioja" -- Tempranillo 85%, Graciano 10%, Mazuelo 5%

  2. Tres Picos "Borsao" -- Garnacha 100%

  3. Juan Gil "Red Wine" -- Monastrell 100%

Each taster was given four different glasses of wine to do a side-by-side tasting. The consensus of the group was that the variety of grape used in the Diablo Rojo was a Tempranillo. We were wrong! It was none of the above. It was a Merlot. As a side note, the Diablo Rojo was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2018 New Mexico State Fair wine competition.

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