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April 30th, 2022: Event at Ghost Ranch


Yeah, I know, I do not update this section of the website all that often. I tend to update the blog more often. Just not up to doing the blog right now.  The last time I updated this section was 2017. What the heck is wrong with me? Well, let me think about it? It wasn’t my job back then! I wasn’t even President back then. Off the hook. Hmm, I guess I’m not really off the hook as I’ve been responsible for this website since 2019. Dang! 


I better get back on subject.


This was a first for our chapter as we held the event at beautiful Ghost Ranch. We must thank Ghost Ranch Operations Director and Vine and Wine member Carol Ho for making the arrangements. Of course, I also need to thank Tina Kleckner our event coordinator. Tina arranged for Wines of the San Juan to come out and provide tastings of several of their white wines and two of their reds. Thank you, Marsha and David Arnold of Wines of the San Juan. You were very generous.


Many of us also stayed and had dinner at the Ghost Ranch cafeteria.  I almost forgot what that was like. We finished off most of the opened bottles of Wines of the San Juan. 


Check out Wines of the San Juan’s website at

They have lots of special events at their winery. Some of them are very well attended.


Unfortunately, we were so busy having a good time during the tasting that we forgot to take pictures. My bad. Actually, I think I will blame it on Waldo. That’s the alias that I will now use for Mike. We had about 25 members show up. A good “post covid?” turnout.

Wines of the San Juan have a beautiful winery and vineyard. I copied a picture from their website. I also copied a picture from the Ghost Ranch website as I was to lazy to look for ones that I have.

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 12.55.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 2.35.03 PM.png
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