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Our 2023 meeting schedule is evolving, and we’ve made some changes. Tina and Mike are still working on some of the details. Based on some of the comments I’ve received over that last year or so our members are up for a little change in status quo. The following is our current schedule for 2023. Note that the times shown are from 2-5pm. In some cases that might change.


March 5 - Herve wine bar in Santa Fe from 2-5 pm. This will be a special tasting just for us in their private tasting room. Because we will not be doing a potluck, we will be charged $20/person which will include tasting, appetizers, tax, and tip. We will also be able to purchase wine at a discount.


April 30 - Thanh and Carol Ho’s home from 2-5pm. We will be tasting three Cabernets made by our chapter members. I hope to arrange for a qualified wine judge to lead us through the tasting.


June 11 – Tom’s and Carolyn’s Grand Hacienda from 2-5. We plan on arranging with a winery to provide wines for tasting. This will be an appetizer only event. Appetizers provided by members.


Aug 6 -   Annual invite friends and others at the Abiquiu Inn from 2-5pm. Once again, we hope to have six wineries participate. Pairings provided by members.


Oct 22nd – Mike’s and Tina’s Horseshoe Canyon Rescue Ranch from 2-5pm. Agenda TBD. Appetizers provided by members.


Dec TBD - Abiquiu Inn at Drumlin House from 2-5pm. As in the past this will be our annual fundraising event. Food TBD.

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