In January 2017, we continued our group effort in making wine from a kit, with the bottling process. This was fun!

We set up our host's garage as a wine-bottling assembly line. Everyone circulated around trying out the different steps in the process: pumping the wine into the bottles, putting in the corks, sealing the bottles, and attaching labels. 

Kicking things off
Chapter president Rebecca Grider explains the "assembly line."
Filter and filling
Jason Grider with the equipment for getting the wine into bottles.
Close up
Look at that color!
Beginning to fill the bottles
Richard Trout filling one of the first bottles.
How many people does it take?
Stan, Wendy and Jason hard at work.
We're getting good at this!
Susan Sanchez has got the hang of it.
Definitely a team effort!
Mary Campbell at the "filling station."
Another day, another bottle
Susan Schuler (our host for the day)
One more
Sabine Shurter fills a bottle. Good job!
What is it?
Hint: All those filled bottles need corks!
Maybe if I press down on this lever...
We've got it!
Richard Trout has it all figured out.
Muscle power
Bob Dolci: "I think I can, I think I can..."
Watch this
He did it!
Hey watch this!
Tracy McBride's turn!
Susan Schuler's got it!
With all her might
Wendy Dolci gets it done.
Next: wrappers!
Tina Kleckner applying heat.
And more heat...
Susan Sanchez doing a great job!
Guest attendee...
Daniella Scalice has the technique down!
Hair dryer?
Donna Kelley, point that at the bottle!
...and teamwork!
And now for the labels
Wetting them and applying to the bottles
Donna and Mary work on the labels
Good job!
Brad applying the finishing touches...
Look at that!
Almost done.
We're pleased
... and can't wait to taste the fruits of our labor one day
At the end of the day...
We're done! Now we wait! Next step... tasting (in a few months from now, stay tuned)
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