In October 2016 our Chapter began making wine from a kit...

Here were the first steps... opening the kit, understanding its contents, and combining the juice with other ingredients to get the wine started.

The kit
Here's what the kit looked like when it arrived.
Step-by-step instructions are included.
Kit packets
In addition to "the juice," the kit contained three different oaks and a yeast packet.
Adding juice
Adding water
Extracting mixture
We extracted some of the mixture to test the "brix," or sugar content.
Testing the brix.
Adding oak
Nice oak-y smell!
Adding oak 2
More oak
Three total
Three different oaks were added
Stirring it all up
The yeast
The final step was adding in the yeast.
Phase 1 complete
After adding yeast, we put the cover on the container. Done with Phase 1.
This is a tub full of wine-making equipment.
Fermenter to carboy
Oct 25: Transfer from the open fermenter to carboy
Nov 8: Testing the brix again
Nov 8: Adding fining and reserve concentrates
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