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At our October 20220 gathering we held a general membership meeting in which we met our obligation to hold elections for president and treasurer and to appoint an interim secretary until that position comes up for election in two years. I (Bob) will continue as president and Mary will continue as treasurer. Suzie Buxton agreed to be the interim secretary and was approved by the Board. Mike retains his position of VP for the next two years. By resolution of the Board, Tina will continue as our event coordinator. This post is the official minutes of the meeting.


The V&WS purchased three Master Vintner Wine Making Kits and two Cabernet juice concentrates and one Chardonnay juice concentrate. Bob and Wendy purchased a Cabernet juice concentrate. The intent is to make all four wines at approximately the same time. Tracy will make the Chardonnay, Mike and Tina will make a Cab. Thanh and Carol, as well as Wendy and I will also make a Cab.


Mike and Bob did a relatively clueless demonstration of how to make wine from the provided kit. Fortunately, Gary was there to help. I would say that overall, it was very successful as we did not spill juice concentrate all over the table and floor. Kidding aside, Mike did prepare in advance. I (Bob) did not.


Gary and family (Suzie, Sioux and Alexander) provided an excellent presentation on their Narrow Gauge Vine wines. They brought four different wines for us to taste. Primativo red and blush and Zinfandel red and blush. By my pallet, the Zinfandel was excellent.


We had several potential new members attend resulting in a large group of at least 40.


Photos of the event follows. Thanks, Jan, for taking the photos. I do have a request; in the future, please avoid taking photos of me.

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