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Members Making Wine

At the April 2019 meeting held at Steve Brown's Casa two wine kits that were purchased by the NRGV&WS were turned over to members Bob and Wendy Dolci, and Mike and Tina Kleckner for conversion from grape juice to wine. Bob and Wendy assumed the responsibility for the red wine (Amorone) and Mike and Tina took on the responsibility for the white wine (Pinot Blanc). The Amorone (hmm, love one, which one?) kit process was started at Steve's. That kit was subsequently taken to the Dolci's where finishing the process was suppose to be straight forward. Not! The kit was initially moved to Wendy's studio for initial fermentation and clarification. You will note in the photos that the walls, floor and counter are now stained red. See Bob's Blog #1 for the rest of the story.

During the June 9th meeting at Mike's and Tina's home members of the V&WS bottled the Pinot Blanc that was made by Mike and Tina. Tasting took place pre, during and post bottling effort by the bottling team. Maybe that is one of the reasons that we were 5 bottles short of 30. All those that tasted the Pinot Blanc agreed that it was very good. Per our policy, we sent a bottle of wine home with V&WS members.

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