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May 5th- At Casa Manz

The following is from an email that Tina sent to our group post our May 5th event. It was such a lovely email that I felt that it was worth repeating. As you know my posts tend to be rather snarky.


I Just wanted to shout out a huge thanks to David, Andie and Maximiño for opening their beautiful historic family home and ranch and of course their hearts, hosting us yesterday. When I walked into their home the warmth and history just filled my soul!  I know we all enjoyed the magic that happened all coming together at their family ranch. Maximiño, your welcome greeting was so beautifully said, and I felt such love and community with all of you.

Mike and I were so impressed with with wines presented by Joseph and Laurie's of El Alamo Winery.

As members of New Mexico Vine and Wine Society it is our mission to promote New Mexico Wineries, I know Joseph and Laurie were so happy with the enthusiasm and support they received yesterday. 

Then the FABULOUS sounds of the Manzanares Band, what a treat!!I didn't want the music or the afternoon to stop, thank you!! (note by Bob: David kindly pointed out that the band was a collaboration between the Domingues family and the Manzanares family.)


Again, just wanted to express my thanks to our hosts and dear friends, David, Andie, and Maximiño! 

Thank you to El Alamo Winery, and to all of you, wow, wasn't the spread of appetizers and desserts incredible!!


Have a fabulous day, grateful to you all!



Okay- me again, I want to thank Andie and Jan for providing what seemed like hundreds of photos of the event.


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